2012 Maurice Grenache

2012 Vintage comments

2012 is probably the first vintage since the inception of Izway in 2003 where a weather event has not significantly influenced the quality of the fruit. The 2012 wines consequently have wonderful purity and energy and we regard them as being purely terroir driven; the weather has not influenced the ripening as significantly and the soils and sites have shone through. The wines don’t have the flash of 2009 or the depth of 2010 but they have personality and vitality and accurately reflect the place they are from.


Don’s Block is one of the most stunning vineyards we take fruit from. It is situated to the north of Greenock on the fringe of the tiny sub appellation of Moppa and its isolation makes it a great place to hang out. The soil varies significantly across the block making it a wonderful candidate for creating a single vineyard wine. The heavy clay at the top of the block gives way to a sandier top soil and the high content of ironstone creates a wine with power, elegance, depth and complexity. In our opinion Grenache is the variety that is most suited to the marginal soils and warm climate of the Barossa Valley; even more so than its more famous counterpart Shiraz. We have made it an aspiration to make the best Grenache wines we possibly can and to inspire people to drink more of this underrated varietal.

Vineyard: Don’s Block
Sub Appellation: Moppa
Planted: 1957
Elevation: 346 metres
Soil: Red Clay and Shallow Sand with Ironstone

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